Low Cost Counselling


Therapy really should be available to you as and when you need it.

Waiting lists from referrals for NHS , IAPT & CAMHS etc leads to concern as the challenges you face fester & grow .

Here at LCC I’m hoping to change this.

Providing LOW COST COUNSELLING to those who genuinely need it & can’t afford the high end fees of a Private Practitioner. Adults & Children.

My team will endeavour to support you in the best way they can , at a LOW COST, because YOU deserve to be supported & feel emotionally free from whatever is troubling you too.

Benefits of LCC

~ Good quality Counselling

~ Same length of time ..50 minutes 

~ No fixed amount of sessions

~ Confidentiality, time & space

~ No longer feeling alone with your emotions

~ Relief knowing you’re getting support AND can afford it

Here at LCC nobody is treated differently YOU matter………..

**LCC is for clients who are on a low income or benefits only.**

(Evidence of this will be requested on assessment)

If you know someone or are the person who will benefit from using LCC please

Call / Text  / 07801 229648